Plasma Spraying

  • 電漿焰溫達 15.000℃, 熔射材料廣泛.
  • 熔射皮膜細緻, 陶瓷塗層可耐熱, 耐化學腐蝕.
  • 有氬氣保護對被熔射物氧化或變質極少.
  • 被熔射物可控制在 200 OC 以下施工.

Plasma Spraying
  • The temperature of plasma could be reached 15,000OC
  • The coating surface is fine and ceramic coating can anti-heating and anti-corrosion.
  • Ar gas can prevent the coating material from oxidation.
  • Substrate can be control heated temprature less then 200OC
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