About Us

First of all, we must express appreciations to our respected customers who have been supporting & relying on our products and services to HAN TAI VIETNAM CO.,LTD.
For more than 20 years, Han-Tai concentrated in core technology of advanced spraying with high quality of automation machining, contributing to fundamental industries mainly on iron & steel, petrochemical, paper makers, cement, environment protection and energy segment.
Recent years, our company expanded the strong R&D team who own precision laboratory instruments to meet the demands of high-tech industries and developed high grade, functional and versatile surface coating with precision cleaning technology. The technologies supported those high-tech industries growths smoothly and successfully in global market.
Han-Tai’s 4 core beliefs “Professional”, “Team”, “Confidence” and “Service” drive us to execute how to meet customers demands and get beyond "Customers satisfaction" is always our ultimate Goal.