For more than 20 years, Han-Tai concentrated in core technology of advanced spraying with high quality of automation machining, contributing to fundamental industries mainly on iron & steel, petrochemical, paper makers, cement, environment protection and energy segment.

Recent years, our company expanded the strong R&D team who own precision laboratory instruments to meet the demands of high-tech industries and developed high grade, functional and versatile surface coating with precision cleaning technology. The technologies supported those high-tech industries growths smoothly and successfully in global market.

Han-Tai’s 4 core beliefs “Professional”, “Team”, “Confidence” and “Service” drive us to execute how to meet customers demands and get beyond “Customers satisfaction” is always our ultimate Goal.


1.    Refurbishing parts for wear resistance, corrosion resistance and non sticking application.
2.    Welding Surfacing.
3.    HVOF (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spraying Process)
4.    ARC Spraying
5.    Plasma Spraying
6.    Precision Machining
7.    Dynamic Balancing
8.    Manufacturing all kinds of rollers and key parts
9.    Information of surface modification
10.    Selling powder and welding rod