Thermal Spray Thermal spraying technology uses energy such as flame, electric arc or plasma to melt powder or linear materials and spray them on the surface of the substrate to solidify to form a surface of sprayed coating technology. Basically, the spray material is selected according to the customer's operating environment and usage problems or the customer's designation. Therefore, Han-Tai will indeed discuss with the customer and then evaluate and select the most appropriate spray material. As shown in the table, the types of materials that can be used for spray (spray welding) coatings include metals, alloys, ceramics, porcelain gold, and plastics.
Take this surface modification or surface treatment technology to achieve the properties such as wear resistance, erosion resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, etc. to meet customer requests.

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H.V.O.F【High Velocity Oxy.Fuel】Spraying

Plasma Spraying

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